Propane Gauges & Digital Propane Scales by GasWatch™

A simple way to solve a very frustrating problem – running out of propane in the middle of a cookout

Propane Gauges & Digital Propane scales by GasWatch offer great new features from a trusted brand. GasWatch has been in the business of providing propane gauges for more than a decade.

Digital Propane Scale

What’s new? The new Digital Propane Level Indicator from GasWatch offers users lots of great features:

    • Digital LCD Screen
    • Displays the remaining cook time in minutes
    • Displays the percentage of gas remaining
    • Low level alarm at 20%, 15% and 10%
    • The propane tank does not need to be on to get a reading
    • Safe – no connection – no chance of leaks
    • Easy To Setup, Easy To Read, No Tools Required
    • Accurate, Safe & User friendly

Propane Gauges

The original GasWatch™ 212 propane gauges are UL approved with an integrated safety gauge and an easy to read colored dial. The GasWatch™ TVL 212 propane gauges offer  built in features like a leak detector and emergency flow limiter which makes it perfect for use with all types of BBQ gas grills and other outdoor propane appliances with a QCC Type I connection. “Easy To Connect, Easy To Read, No Tools Required”, the TVL 212 propane tank gauge connects between your grill’s propane tank and the equipment regulator. The GasWatch™ TVL 212 propane gauges are ideal for use with gas grills, patio heaters, smokers, turkey fryers, camping stoves, cookers, RV’s, boats, and all other outdoor propane appliances.

To learn more about Gaswatch propane gauges & digital propane tank scales, click here. 

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