GasWatch TVL214


GasWatch™ Bluetooth enabled Digital Propane Level Indicator connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to monitor the tank level through an app installed on your smartphone.

Ideal For Gas Grills, Patio Heaters, Smokers, and Other Propane Appliances

GasWatch Digital Propane Tank Scales, Propane Tank Level Indicators, & Propane Gauges allow you to monitor the gas levels in all of your outdoor products.

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Gas Grills


Space Heaters



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GasWatch will keep the grill on and the party going.

GasWatch has been providing the propane grill fans with grilling gadgets for over a decade. As a trusted maker of Propane Gauges, Propane Gas Level Indicators, and Digital Propane Scales, GasWatch adds predictability to gas grilling.

GasWatch grill accessories include the TVL 212 Propane Gauge, the TVL 216 Propane Level Indicator and the TVL 214 Digital Propane Tank Scale. GasWatch Propane Tank Level Indicators work with all models of propane BBQ grills. Gas barbecue grills featuring grilling cabinets have the capacity to fit GasWatch neatly inside under the propane tank. GasWatch offers digital propane level monitors that do not need to be connected to the propane tank for an accurate reading.

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